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Check out DJ Holographic right now on Burst Radio!  This girl has got some serious skill and I am glad to know her!

Summertime Saddness…was released in February.  Just sayin’.  

I’ll throwing this one down Monday Night at 9p.  


A great blend of acoustic guitar and house.  Avicii and Aloe Blacc really struck gold with this track.  

A lot of mixed reviews have been floating around concerning this tune, including a few using the label country as a derogatory statement, but I love it!  A real feel good track, and something I can personally relate too.

I’ll be opening my broadcast with this track tonight at Justin.TV/RobWampum starting at 9p Eastern.  I’ll see you there!

The Calvin Harris remix of FATM’s Spectrum is the one of the few songs I can definitively point to and call a milestone in my life.

My life had just changed significantly and my DJ career was just taking off.

This song encapsulates the elation and freedom I enjoyed at the end of summer in 2012.  This song is a symbol of when I finally found myself.

I’ll definitely be dropping this one tomorrow night for my live broadcast at 9p Eastern.  Justin.TV/RobWampum

Let Me Tell You A Story…

What is the story that I want to tell Monday Night?

When spinning at the bar, it’s usually a tale of getting drunk and having a night of no regrets.  At the club, it’s a similar story with a few extra elements of lost love, being reborn followed by a baptism in booze.  Either way, the story ends with a cab ride home and a hang over the next morning.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with either of these stories.  In fact, half the human population wouldn’t exist if it weren’t nights similar to this.  And I for one, would certainly be a much more underemployed.  

But for every trashy club mix, there is another story that needs to be told…the story of the DJ.  This story could be anything from a grand adventure to an expression of his/her hopes, dreams, desires, elation or melancholy.  Whether a set is thrown together off the cuff or meticulously plotted, the DJ crafts a set which could be seen as a movie, with each song being just one scene in the grand story arch.

Now, what kind of story will I be telling for my first broadcast in over 3 months?  While I have no set playlist established, I am pretty sure that there will be a lot of reflection over the past few months of my life.  Having moved over 700 miles to Ann Arbor, I will no doubt be inserting at least a few tracks that encapsulate the adventure of moving to an entirely new place and all the hopes and fears that come with such a drastic change.

But don’t worry, for those of you reading who I used to party with in Western Mass, you know my typical style and I’ll still be utilizing my arsenal of personal favorites that I like to rock out to each week.

So whatever it is you are doing Monday Night, please be sure to have my live broadcast playing in the background.  For all my friends back home in Mass, I cannot wait to be your DJ again.  And to everyone in the Ann Arbor area of Michigan, I am eager to introduce myself to you all and give your Monday night the true jolt it deserves!

Until then, have a great night!  I’ll see you at 9pm Eastern at Justin.TV/RobWampum!


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One Last Look Into This Week’s Club 5!

Here is one last look into tonight’s record bag for Club 5, tonight at 9pm!

Avicii - Levels

He will be playing the DCU Center in Worcester, this Sunday!

And here is Qwote with Pitbull & Lucenzo!


Here’s a live video from Deadmau5’s show up in Toranto!  It’s for his latest track, Aural Psynapse, featured this on this week’s Club 5, Thursday, 9pm!  To all the kids that went to the UMass show…recognize the helmet? Click here to check out my photos from the show!


Taio Cruz - Hangover

Here’s another look at into my track selection for this week’s Club 5! Thursday, 9pm!